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Construction ERP

SIR Groups include Construction Accounting, Construction Management, Service Management and More, Integrated in One Database

Enterprise Software for Contractors, Engineers and Field Service Firms

SIR Groups is construction ERP software, which is short for construction enterprise resource planning software. It combines advanced enterprise technologies with decades of construction industry experience into one, integrated system.  Going beyond traditional construction management software, SIR Groups also incorporates document, content, and business process management capabilities, empowering contractors to:
  • Unify management of construction accounting, financial management, payroll, projects, and service operations into one database.
  • Capture all business content electronically. Eliminate paper and manual process inefficiencies.
  • Mobilize labor, equipment, and material field reporting by crews and technicians with mobile field technology.
  • Analyze historical performance for planning, identify exceptions for action, and trend current performance for forecasting, while "drilling down" to critical supporting detail.
  • Automate multi-location, multi-company, and inter-company accounting.

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Construction ERP

Financial Management Performance Analysis

  • Dashboards - High-level monitoring of key performance metrics at all levels of your organization.
  • OLAP Analytics - Simple, flexible analysis by business users within their area of responsibility.
  • Reporting - Pre-defined information needed for day-to-day decision-making.

Construction Accounting and Service Management Software in One 

SIR Groups is a complete suite of fully-integrated accounting software for the construction industry.

SIR Groups Technologies provides software and services that improve efficiency and overall effectiveness for commercial and industrial construction, engineering and field service companies. For over 35 years, SIR Groups Technologies has specialized in serving its partner companies. SIR Groups Technologies’ customer base is primarily made of companies with diversified operations that self-perform their work. Whether hosted in the cloud or installed at your locations, SIR Groups enterprise construction software is uniquely qualified to manage multiple company and multiple business line structures. Through proven business processes, leading-edge technology, and an emphasis on long-term relationships, SIR Groups Technologies has solidified their position as an industry leader.

A Comparison of 5 Construction ERP Software Options

Enterprise resource planning is a holistic business software solution made for data analytics. It takes information from different business processes like accounting, payroll, job costing, project management, inventory/equipment management, content management, and order/delivery management, and provides analytics for business executives. Because ERP integrates the financial side of the business with every other sector, you are able to track each cost throughout the whole project lifecycle and make your company more agile.

For construction managers, choosing the right ERP is a stressful endeavor. ERP software is expensive, and it’s tough to narrow down the options to what’s best for your construction business.

That’s why we’ve distilled the lengthy list of ERPs down to five different options that would be beneficial to construction firms. These systems largely integrate construction accounting software, tool management software, construction CRM software, along with other construction management tools to form a whole system. Read through and take your pick!


Offering supply chain management, manufacturing, and sales and marketing features, Epicor is a market leader in construction ERP solutions. It can be installed locally, self-hosted, or be used on the cloud. Epicor is highly customizable; users should take advantage of their add-on modules for CRM, QPM, and PLM, especially. Epicor is made by, which prides itself on tailoring software solutions to each company’s needs.


Maestro specializes in contact management, timesheets, billing, and sub-trade management. Its specific construction features include estimating, contract management, project management, and time and equipment costing. It also integrates with Microsoft Office. Maestro is best-suited for heavy construction companies that want to customize their accounting and project management needs.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

While not construction-specific, Microsoft Dynamics SL offers the modules to be able to transform into an ERP worth investing in for the construction industry. Within the industry, they focus on project management, distribution add-ons, and construction-specific accounting like estimating and job costing. If your construction company has a world-wide user base yet has fewer than 500 employees, Microsoft Dynamics SL is a great scalable option for your overall business needs.

Penta Construction ERP

With over thirty years of providing construction software to the industry, Penta is a well-known and trusted brand in the industry. Penta Construction ERP was made for multi-location, labor intensive service contractors. It serves mid-sized to large specialty, utility, and industrial contractors in the construction and engineering industries. Reviewers have noted that Penta especially excels with document management and accounting, regardless of if you’re in HVAC, hazard protection, roofing, or another niche industry.

Vista by Viewpoint

From human resources to project collaboration to content management to service management, Vista offers another complete construction ERP solution that’s scalable for a majority of medium to large construction companies. It’s particularly strong in its accounting services—it offers mobile field management, bid management, and estimating tools that plug in seamlessly to RFIs, change orders, and payment plans. Vista also allows integration with BIM and offers business management options, including reporting on performance indicators and safety management.


Finding the right ERP software for your construction company is a daunting experience. There are so many ERP software options, even when you narrow down to the construction industry. Check out these five options and see if they’re a good fit for your company.

Naturally, there are a number of other construction ERP options out there. Did I miss some that should have made the list? Have you used these options? What are your experiences? Let us know in the comments below!


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