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Enterprise Management Systems

We make Enterprise Management Systems.Content Management System, Document Management System, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Integrating a CRM System or DMS with a Dealer Website

There are some IT application solutions and software systems that are used invariably used across industries and Business domains. The features remain pretty much the same regardless of the function on the organizations. These are generally termed as management systems as they are systems that manage business functions for the organization.

Our company has developed a bevy of Management Systems that ensure better and easier undertaking of day to day tasks in small and big organizations. These systems have a common basic framework and can be customized to the specific needs of the business or industry they cater

Content Management System

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Custom CMS Programming Services
  • CMS For highly regulated Industries
  • Third Party Integration Options
  • Internet and Intranet Portal CMS

Document Management System

  • Enterprise Level Document Management
  • Light version DMSLite Services Web for SME
  • Web services & other third party integration
  • Management of Large file sizes
  • Hardware Integration with DMS

Customer Relationship Management

  • Enterprise Level CRMSolutions
  • Integrated CRM solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • ERP for manufacturing industry
  • ERP consulting
  • Jewelry ERP

Integrating a CRM System or DMS with a Dealer Website

Some dealers use CRM software (customer relationship management) or DMS (dealer management software) at the dealership to maintain a database of customers, track sales and finance deals, maintain inventory, etc. Higher Turnover seamlessly integrates with all providers.

Connecting a Dealership Website with CRM

Syncing your website leads with your CRM system is done behind the scenes, therefore you don't have to focus on setting anything special up with your provider. Whenever a website lead or credit application is submitted through your website, it's sent to your CRM provider in ADF format and all of the customer data (e.g. name, phone, email, etc.) is automatically popoulated within that system. This means you no longer have to manually enter customer data into that system when the customers come from your website, it's done for you automatically. Once they're in your CRM system you can use their information for activities such as follow-up calls, email marketing, or processing deals.

Integrating your website and CRM will help you

  • Save Time - No more manual data entry
  • Increase Efficiency - Use automated follow-up emails and calls
  • Save Money - Salespeople can spend time working the leads instead of entering them into the software

Connecting a Dealer Website with DMS

Many of our clients use DMS systems (Dealership Management Software) such as Frazer, Wayne Reaves, ADP, Finance Express, or one of the hundreds available. Nobody wants to spend all day entering vehicles into multiple systems (e.g. dealership software and dealer website), so Higher Turnover works with most DMS providers to automatically populate vehicle data on the dealer's website from the DMS. This means you enter a vehicle ONCE, in ONE SYSTEM, and there's no need to change your dealership software provider. We obtain current vehicle inventory directly from them, including photos, and your website is always up-to-date with current inventory and specials. This hands off approach enables you to focus on selling cars instead of managing inventory.


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